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dotnetnuke development process
information gathering

Initial client briefing and information gathering, understanding your business needs and flow , our team ensures that we fully understand the project requirement.

We emphasize purpose, goals, and target audience experience. The vital task at this stage is to get a very clear understanding of requirements, objectives, and a user-friendly interface that attracts your audience. We keep focusing on your competitor's website's information structure, functionalities, and SEO elements.

Deciding Site Map

Based on the information that was gathered together, we help the client to decide the sitemap. It helps the client to see the broader picture and allows judging which set of pages are needed as priority pages.

The main reason behind the sitemap decision is to build a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate approach through the targeted audience can quickly collect the information or get a better idea with offerings.


Site Map helps the client to finalize the list of pages and relation, priority, and navigation approach among them, similarly, we help a client to decide the structure of each page by a discussion where we communicate through basic sketches that help to finalize the elements, controls, section, navigation etc section for each page through wireframe.

A wireframe is a visual representation of the user interface but it doesn’t contain any design elements such as colors schema, logos, etc. It's a better way to arrange or structure the content or pieces of information in a specific way to get maximum benefits for the objectives. We are discussing with the client to freeze the scope of pages and functionalities with the elements that will be added to the page and their location.

Design Layout (PSD / Graphics / Branding / Color Schemes)

Creative UI designers especially experienced with DotNetNuke Theme structure makes a real difference. It's all about typography, color graphics, animations, buttons, menus, and much more. Fresh and Clean Layout design can be an attraction of enjoyable user experience and good brand impression.

We keep the structure of information in such a way it emphasizes the content, SEO aspects, user-friendliness, and attractiveness. It helps a client to finalize the design layout, we allow a client to review and incorporate the feedback of the client.

DotNetNuke Development Process

Design to HTML to DNN Theme

Slice the PSD: PSD file in small pieces with several layers, each section can be flexible html block.

HTML: Write the HTML which is a markup language for web pages, initially all the section or block will be a static HTML and later while converting to DNN it can be a Dynamic Content coming from DNN modules.

Style files (Cascading Style Sheets): Along with HTML scripts a set of style files need to create that is responsible for color and style of various HTML elements.

JavaScript interaction: With use of JavaScript web pages can be interactive and functional.

Responsive: Web pages need to support different devices like mobile, tablet, desktop etc. Finally, pages need to be rendering well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes from minimum to maximum display size with help of Media query or supported framework to make pages with responsive content. After Approval on HTML, we smart HTML to DNN theme phase.

DNN Configuration

DotNetNuke Configurations, Like settings SMTP, Roles, Registration and Domain Alias related changes we work on setting Inbuilt and purchased Third-Party Module configurations. We make necessary changes related to HTML and layout to match the DNN theme. We implement Custom Designed Skin and Containers to match the style and layout. We setup the navigations and page Header footer to match each inner or sub-pages.

Custom Modules / Extensions

Custom Modules are the extension to the DNN platform, at any place when the webmaster needs an Extra functionality or feature along with existing DotNetNuke Inbuilt modules it can be developed and inject like a plugin to the existing DotNetNuke Website.

DNN developer team works closely with you throughout the process to determine ideal DNN modules for the implementations. We collaborate with clients to make sites that meet the demands of their users. We do an ASP.NET C# or VB.NET Code and Implement solutions for your requirements. We do API implementation, Time Based Operation executions, Retrieve reports, or Store Information along with implementing your business logic requirements.

Testing, Review, and Launch

We perform various testing phases like Browser, Responsive Design, Speed or Readability, or Functional Testing. We make sure objectives and requirements are fulfilled correctly as per expectations before asking for a final review from the client and hand over the DNN Portal.

Maintenance and Regular Upgrading

We Dnn Developers experienced professionals guarantee that your DNN Portal will work well without any issues when you choose us for the support and maintenance services team. We help migrate or upgrade your existing dnn site to the latest version of DotNetNuke.

We are committed to supporting our implementations from design work in the format of theme to the development function as a Custom Module. We take full responsibility for our produced work.

DNN Custom Module
  • Dedicated DNN Developer / Team
  • Quality DotNetNuke Extension Development
  • Experienced Developers' Advantage
  • DNN Quality and Standards
  • Best Development Process / Practice
  • Knowledge of DNN Plug and Security
  • All DNN Version Module Development
  • Hands-on Practice with Module Frameworks
  • DNN Theme designing from PSD
  • DNN skin customization
  • DNN Theme configuration and maintenance
  • Fresh DNN Theme Design
  • DNN site upgrade
  • HTML to DNN Skin and Containers Design
  • Custom Module Development
  • 3rd party DNN module integration
  • DotNetNuke Consultancy
  • DNN Bug fixing
  • DNN Version Up-grading
  • DNN Configuration and Hosting
  • DNN Migrations
  • Support on Exploit and Vulnerabilities
  • Custom Module Development
  • Custom DNN Skin / Theme Design


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